Antiques & Brocantes

Looking to add a slice of vintage french design to your life? There is a whole new passion to discover in Normandy called “Brocanting”.

Uncover treasures, large and small in the variety of antique shops, brocantes, depot ventes and vide greniers! The excitement of finding objects that can be treasured in your home is addictive. The offerings are replenished so frequently that you will want to go brocanting over and over again!

Quite literally you can furnish your house with treasures from the past creating an eclectic yet elegant ambience. Every room in Haras du Ry has been furnished exactly this way creating a lot of fun and excitement along the way!

While you may not want (or need) a houseful… it is still fun to find a few treasured objects that are unique and become wonderful reminders of your visit.

Ask us for a list of venues that are worth visiting. We can also lead a tour for you that includes visiting at least 3 venues and stopping for a leisurely picnic lunch during the obligatory 2 hour siesta in the middle of the day.

If you are determined to buy large items that wont fit in your car or suitcase we can arrange shipping to your home whether by post or a full shipping container.

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