Holiday Stay Activities

There are a range of holiday activities available during your stay at Haras du Ry.

Wellness Pampering

Being pampered takes any holiday to a new level. Our onsite wellness space allows you to lift weights, or relax with a massage.

If you would rather be in your accommodation Lea can come to you.

Fishing & Boating

Fishing is fun…fish in our lake for Roach and Rudd.  We can provide rods and reels to borrow during business hours.

Take the boats out for a row and drop a line or fish from the jetty or deck… might be surprised what you catch!.. eat your heart out.

….And for those lucky ones who find love is in the air, just drift gracefully across the lake and glide through water lilies and lotus flowers – or take out a bottle of champagne to create a romantic moment.

Picnic Baskets

Want to venture out into our ornamental gardens or natural wild Marais for a romantic (or family) picnic?

Ask us to provide a picnic basket full of goodies with you to make your adventure that extra bit memorable.

Please contact the office to order your choice of delectible pastries, fresh seasonal fruits and cheeses or a hearty sandwich or pie from our selected menu. (subject to availability)

Stable Tours

Visit the grand-prix stables of international showjumper Amy Graham. Amy is from Australia and has represented her country at World Championships, Nations Cups and numerous international competitions. She is a successful young horse and showjumping rider trainer.

See the action behind the scenes of stable life in a high level competition yard. You can learn about rehabilitation, training, nutrition, and young horse development.

Please arrange your personal tour at the office or pre book before you arrive.

Marais & Farm Walks

Visit the 70 hectares of farm and marshland, protected by the Natural Parks Commission that surrounds Haras du Ry.

We are home to a plethora of fauna and flora, native to Cotentin-la-baie. It is wonderful to see native birds in their natural environment – a photographers delight.

Ask us to see the farm in action. Perhaps it is the season for hay making, or simply watching the horses and foals graze freely on the open fields.

Relax in the Gardens

Take a stroll through the expansive gardens where a surprise awaits around every corner. Seasonal foliage creates a dramatic backdrop for any special occasion creating reflections that dance across the lake.

Oaks, willows and maples majestically stand on evergreen lawns surrounding the lake where frogs leap from lily pad to lotus leaves amongst the reeds.
Clipped tapestry hedging and formal Buxus give form and function to garden rooms of Hydrangeas’, Viburnum, Abelia and Mexican orange blossom where mystical fragrances drift through the open air tantalising the senses.

Click on the image above to view our garden gallery.

Bird Watching & Photography

The Marais is home to a range of marshland songbirds and waders, from Siskins to Storks, Redpolls to Cuckoos. Grab your binoculars and start ticking off your marshland list!

A photographers dream is to capture that special moment. Arrange a group of budding enthusiasts to explore the natural beauty of Normandy. Use Haras du Ry as your home base to rest your head at night…dreaming of your next adventure!

Cooking Classes

Is your dream  to cook with the flair of France. Ask us to arrange your dream cooking holiday with a group of friends.

Every morning we will have a local chef tour with you to buy the best and freshest food of the day. Return to Haras du Ry to learn the secrets of cooking to perfection, then eating your creations.

board games

Board Games

Family board games are a fun way to pass a rainy day.

We have a wide variety of board games for you to play at your leisure. Choose from family favourites such as Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders, cards, Cluedo and much more!

The games are free to use during your stay. Visit the office to choose your favourite! Please return to the office by the end of your stay or swap at anytime.