Normandie Food Tours

Did you ever wonder where some of the best cheese, seafood, pastries and ciders of the world come from? It is right here in Normandy!

If you are a foodie the countryside and coast of Normandie is your dream.

Indulge yourself in locally produced cheese, smooth caramels and icecream. Feast on fresh seafood from our local beaches. Delight in traditional locally distilled cider or calvados from the ancient apple and pear orchards, or savour the best of French wine and champagne.

You will be delighted with the simplicity and freshness of the flavours Normandie has to offer.

Haras du Ry can be your base to explore local markets or simply to buy and cook your own food. Perhaps you want to savour a different restaurant every night from the many beachside choices at Grand Camp Maisy to the tiny restaurants tucked away in the old square of Carentan or in a local farmers villages.

Is your dream  to cook with the flair of France. Ask us to arrange your dream cooking holiday with a group of friends. Every morning we will have a local chef tour with you to buy the best and freshest food of the day. Return to Haras du Ry to learn the secrets of cooking to perfection, then eating your creations.

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